Pygmalion3D is multi platform oriented 3DCG environment for maily POV-Ray

Modeling package : Pygmalion
Layout/Animation/Deformation package : Pygmalion(provisional name) NOT YET!!!


Pygmalion is subdivision surface and GPL'd modeler for mainly POV-Ray.
It is based on FLTK,so Unix and Windows users can use it!
Though I am not sure,in future, Mac users may be able to use. Check this!

Screen Shot

Windows screen shot
Linux another screen shot
Windows bug bug screen shot
Ouch! I don't know reason,Windows version has bad reflesh problem when using many modeling views.
But good for about one,two,three or four views.


For Windows users:
(1) Get Pygmalion within self extract binary version-0.4pre2
(2) Unzip the file and execute pygmalion.exe

For Linux users:
(1) Get Pygmalion Linux-static compiled binary version-0.4pre2
(2) Extract and execute src/pygmalion

For Unix and Cygwin (mingw) and Another users:
(1) Get Pygmalion source version-0.4pre2
(2) Extract and read README and INSTALL
(3) "./configure"

Simple Usage

"Ctrl + Mouse Left button" toggle select vertex,edge,face
"Drag Right button or Middle button" camera operations.
"[Shift or Alt] + [Right button or Middle button]" shift camera operations.
And ... please try and error.

If you find bug, please submit the bug!!!
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